The Woman Hunt: Best Places To Pick Up Single Ladies

three women in bikinis

Attractive women are everywhere!

Are women becoming an endangered species?

My answer to that would be: No. Maybe they’re just hiding from you.

Honestly, believe it or not, women are everywhere!

You can find women in grocery stores, coffee shops, where you work, down the street, at the pool, with your friends, etc. etc.  I could keep going, but it would be a never-ending list.

Many guys dream about meeting their soul mate.  In fact, there’s a great method outlined over at that can help you turn the woman you want into your very own loyal and committed girlfriend.

There are also many guys that just want to enjoy a one night stand with no strings attached.

The problem is, do these latter guys even exert any effort for that to happen? Women won’t come knocking on your door shouting, “I’m here!”  This isn’t the movies after all.

So with that being said, where are the best places to pick up single ladies?

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fret.  I’m here to help by giving you my top 4 places to meet women.  So, on with the list.

1. Singles Mixers

In my humble opinion, singles mixers are one of the best places to pick up single ladies.  Obviously, it’s a place where the majority of the ladies are single and they’re more than ready to mingle. Even if you don’t make a romantic connection, it’s very likely you’ll make a few new female friends and expand your social circle.

If you don’t know how to find singles mixers in your area, head on over to Google or your favorite search engine.  Search engines are your GPS for finding ideal events, activities, groups, or mixers.

I’ll give you a format for getting the best results:

Type in your age, or the age range you want to interact with.

Type in singles groups/singles events/singles mixers/singles parties/singles.

Narrow your search by filtering the country, then type in your city.

There you have it. Go through the results and see which one sounds ideal for you.

2. Your Best Friends

Above, I briefly mentioned expanding your social circle.  Everybody knows someone so the more people you know, the more new people they will likely introduce you to over time.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your best friends for help meeting women.  It’s very likely they know someone who might know someone who might know someone, etc.  And, of course, you should be able to count on your best friends to give you a glowing recommendation.

3. Online Dating

Online dating sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to pick up single ladies.  Millions of people have met their partners online and there are billions who are looking for one.

By going online, you can easily search through thousands of single women right from home.  You can look near, far, or anywhere in between and have access to women you would never even know existed pre-Internet.  I mean, what if the perfect girl for you lives 30 miles away?  Wouldn’t it be worth it to go online and find her?

Best of all you can filter your searches based on your preference to increase your chance of finding a good match before you waste a bunch of money on “getting to know you” dates that go nowhere.

4. No Need To Look Further: They’re EVERYWHERE

You’re not a hermit and you don’t live in a secluded area. Well, maybe you do, but I’ll assume you don’t.

This probably means you see at least one woman every single day. Just make an effort to get out of your house and approach her.

Maybe you’ll see one at the gym, in your favorite coffee shop, in your office, in a bookstore, at the grocery store. Like I said, women are EVERYWHERE. You just need to learn how to socialize and grab the opportunity when it presents itself.

So, there you have it: my top 4 places to meet women. You now know exactly where to find women so no more excuses.

Nothing worth having comes easy. This applies to dating as well.

Use this list to get started and have fun!

The Best Way To Approach A Woman You Don’t Know


Approach with confidence. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Have you noticed a woman you are really attracted to?  Do you keep seeing her at school, or on the bus, or at mass, and each time you end up hesitating to go over and talk to her?

Deep down you would really like to approach her, get to know her, and possibly ask her on a date, but since you don’t know her, you may be unsure about the best way to approach her to get her to like you.

Let’s see if we can make it a little simpler for you…

Did You Know? There are several different programs out there that teach you step-by-step how to approach a woman and even how to turn her into your girlfriend if she’s the girl you really want.  Perhaps the most popular and most successful of these programs is the Girlfriend Activation System.  Learn more about it at

If possible, you can make the approach more comfortable by learning a little bit about her.  For example, if she’s the friend of a friend or if you’ve seen someone you know talking to her, then you may be able to learn a little bit about her before you make your move.  Also, observe and pay attention to what she’s doing, what she’s wearing, what she carries around with her, etc.  as you may notice things that can give you good conversation starters.

If she’s someone you see often and there is absolutely nothing you can do to learn more about her, you can take small steps to start to approach her.  For example, when you see her, give her a big smile.  The next time you see her, smile and just say hello as you pass by.  At this point you might not be able to start a conversation, but just saying hello will help to break the ice.

With your next interaction, try to be a little more intimate by complimenting her on something. Just make sure it is not an awkward statement that might frighten her off. Complimenting her on her clothes is usually a good idea.  Something as simple as, “You look really cute in that dress” can do wonders.

Striking up a conversation is the best method at this point. Through it all, it is very important that you be yourself. Do not try to exaggerate things or to look better than you really are. The more confident you are, the better your chances of attracting her to you. You want her to like you for who you really are.

Once you have talked a bit, you will be able to gauge her reactions.  If you think that she is somehow indicating that she would like to move on, do not intimidate her by forcing the conversation. If things are going well, end the conversation while its going good rather than waiting until you run out of things to say.  That will leave her wanting more time with you.  Be confident and don’t be afraid to ask her for her contact details.

How To Make Any Girl Want You Almost Instantly

3femalesAren’t the girls the most complex of all the things on earth? Isn’t being attractive to them a daunting task?  Do not worry my friend. Here is an article that will make you understand their filtering criteria so that you can impress them. Always remember that the first impression matters a lot in impressing girls. Try the tips given below on how to make any girl want you almost instantly.

Tip1: Be Unavailable-

Always remember, girls do like people who are easily available to them. Be like an unavailable interesting person to the girl to get instant attention. Do not be too friendly to them on the first meeting; try to keep your calm personality on, even though you like her, if you want to get her attention.

Tip2: Be Unpredictable-

Girls love newness in their lives. Try and be different or unpredictable to a girl and she will fall for you instantly. Avoid doing what everyone else is doing, avoid predictable responses to situations. Your unpredictable nature will interest the girl very much.

Tip3: Compliment Her-

Although during the first few meetings with a girl, you must try and be calm and composed, never miss out on a chance to compliment her. You could try to be a little different by complimenting her on unusual things like her fingers, her eyelashes and such others rather than conventional compliments for her smile or dimples. This will make the girl instantly notice and like you.

Tip3: Be Presentable-

First impression is extremely important to attract a girl. Therefore, you must look absolutely presentable when you are meeting her. She must be able to notice you for your great sense of dressing and style, even though you are not known to her. This will leave a permanent mark on her.

Tip4: Let The Eyes Talk-

Do not over talk with the girl you fancy. Let your eyes talk. Look deep into her eyes with passion, giving her the confidence to approach you. Flirting with eyes is an old trick which is appreciated by girls all over.

Tip5: Be Chivalrous-

Chivalry is the most important criteria what a woman looks in a man. If you are chivalrous, she will like you instantly. Little gestures of chivalry like pulling the chair for her, offering her lift, letting her decide the food, paying for the bills and such other will impress the girl for your benefit.

Tip6: Smile-

You smile could invite a girl to your life. So, always remember to smile to the girl you like. Girls do not appreciate gloomy men or men with a lot of pride. So, even if she does not know you, never forget to give one of those warm and confident smiles to the lovely girl to make her like you in an instant.